NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Review

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The newest the NBA mobile game in the NBA Live Mobile gives a different taste to the conventional NBA games on PC and console. The transition to the mobile platform gave developers several challenges, to which they responded with ingenious features and unique gameplay that prove to be a great hit to avid NBA junkies and gamers. To keep them active besides great content and gameplay this game offers coins and cash type of virtual currency. If you want to be ahead and have it all then go get the NBA live mobile hack and make your game 10 times easier. Lets start with the basics:

In-game Controls

Before stepping into the various game modes and corresponding reviews on each, analyzing the in-game controls when the players are on the court will give an idea on the overall gameplay experience. Basically, the game has similarities with previous basketball mobile games, whether it was a hit or not. This gives the advantage of familiarity to the basic gameplay mechanics. Also, it is fairly obvious that the game controls, especially when on the court, adapts the console gameplay. This is understandable and in fact, beneficial to the game since NBA Live is a console game before anything else.

Thus, anyone who is familiar with the console gameplay of any NBA game, whether Live or 2K, knows that the left analog is for movement, and the buttons are for passing, intercepting, shooting and blocking. The same goes for the mobile game, except that everything is virtual. The positioning, however, is similar, so adjusting to the game will not prove to be a challenge.

Game Modes and Its Reviews

With the main gameplay controls finished, an in-depth analysis of the several game modes included in the mobile game will justify the anticipation and the hype for the game. The game modes include the Season Mode, Ultimate Team mode, and the Live Event mode.

Season Mode

The Season Mode lets gamers play their favorite teams through the entire course of the regular season. However, the regular season is only limited to 14 games. Winning enough games through the regular season allows the gamers to play in the playoffs, consisting of 3 games. The culmination of the Season Mode is the NBA Finals where the gamers compete for the NBA trophy.

Playing through the entire season gives gamers NBA coins, which is the currency in the mobile game. These NBA coins are used to purchase cards, trophies and collectibles which can be used in other game modes.

Ultimate Team Mode

The Ultimate Team mode gives the gamers the liberty to choose the NBA stars that will play for their team. Similar to the fantasy league in other sports-based games, gamers can collect cards that represent NBA players across the association.

nba live mobile team

To get the best players in the NBA to play for one’s team in the Ultimate Team mode, gamers have to play games and earn coins to buy card packages. Expensive card packages have a higher chance to contain an NBA star.

Live Events mode

The Live Events mode is more of a mini-game than a distinct game mode in NBA Live Mobile. This game mode gives players certain objectives that can be accomplished within a brief stretch of gameplay. Normally, this game mode corresponds with the latest NBA games or events.

Extreme battles: Clash of Clans wars!

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The Epic Battle Royale: Delving Deeper into the Clash of Clans Clan Wars Feature

Those who are into real-time strategy games can feel right at home with Clash of Clans since the familiar elements of the game are featured in the title as well.

In the game, one erects the massive turf that will continue to grow as long as the player can manage well on the gold as well as the elixirs. Plus, the raids can be set up to steal some gold and elixir from unsuspecting players.

Some other ways also offer free gold, elixir and gems! The Clash of Clans hack that is available at will do just that! Generate as many resources as you need for your village.

coc hack

If an idea for a great time involves scaring the heck out of others with balloons, baby dragons, and wizards, together with the Archer Queen as well as the Barbarian King and the Grand Warden as the head honchos, all the while ensuring that one’s own turf is completely secured with cannons, archer towers, air sweepers and so on, then this game can fit as a suitable satiation for the appetite.

Now, let’s talk about the finest feature that keeps hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. It is simply known as the Clan Wars.

Knowing More about Clans

Clans are similar to guilds in most MMORPGs in a sense that it is composed of players grouping together for a common goal in mind. Before one can become a part of the group, the clan castle must be repaired, the cost being 10,000 gold. After that, there is the option to join an existing clan, depending on the conditions set up by the clan leader, or even form a new one.

In case the player moves along with the latter, it will cost an additional 40,000 gold and the player automatically becomes the leader of the newly-formed clan. The clan leader has the responsibility to recruit new members, assign others to be co-leaders and elders, and even to kick members out of the clan.

Here Comes the Fun Part

Two clans that will partake in the clan wars are chosen through the matchmaking system just to be on equal grounds with each other. The war will last for two days; the first part is the preparation day in which members can donate troops to the pool for the big event, as well as to scour around the enemy bases.

On the second day, the real action commences. The members that participate in the war are given the opportunity to attack two times. They must pick the bases to attack wisely as two different bases will be the target and they can’t attack the same base twice.

The strategy is known to be the key to winning the war, as possessing the best troops help in kicking butts with the correct stratagem in mind. The stars obtained for destroying bases will be based on how well the members work together. Once the war is over, the winning clan that obtains the higher number of stars will receive the victory bonuses, which include the loot that will be delivered to the members’ clan castles as well the clan experience points.

The more wars won, the higher the clan experience points bestowed so that the group will level up and obtain more of the clan advantages. Clan experience points that are bestowed will also be increased if the number of members is higher.

Whether it’s for the small 10 versus 10 squabbles or the massive 50 versus 50 competitions, as long as the player will have fun, then the Clan Wars will remain as the Clash of Clans staple.

Best way to win in CR – strong troops, buildings and spells

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How to manage your game to win

We all know that in Clash Royale, Clash of Clans or any other game knowing your troops, buildings and spells is the best way to winning.

In Clash Royale Elixir is the base for everything you want to own: buildings, troops or spells. Even owning an Elixir Collector requires 5 Elixir.

Now we will talk about Giants- troops that attack buildings first. It is a great strategy to put your Elixir Collectors or other less important buildings than tower buildings or troops buildings around those to protect them. Giants will attack them first. But, what are Giants?

Giants are troops unlocked in the Training Camp (Tutorial). You know that Clash Royale uses cards, so, to deploy a giant card will cost you 5 elixir. If you deploy him he’d better be strong. Make a Giant stronger by upgrading him. Upgrade it by opening chests with gems. Get gems from an online clash royale hack that will generate lots of them for you. He will attack buildings from Crown Tower category. Which are these Crown Tower buildings? It means that Giants will attack your King’s Tower or Arena Towers.

cr cards

He looks nice and innocent at the first sight but you can be sure that he isn’t so. To eliminate them you will need a lot of power and damage. For example, you can use powerful troops with a great damage as Prince or Mini P.E.K.K.A and it will be hard even in this way. You can use also Skeleton Army or Minion Horde but it will be a hard battle.

But, if you own an Inferno Tower in your battle against Giants is a guaranteed success for you because it has the power to eliminate Giant in just some seconds. Why not eliminate the Giant in 1 second? Upgrade your Inferno Tower using clash royale cheats to advance faster in-game. If you use some spells as Ice Spirit, Zap or Freeze it can be a problem for you because it is a big probability to reset the damage of your Inferno Tower. These Giants have 11 levels and they can rise at 214 damage per second if they are at the best level.

Defensive is the best offensive

Because we talked about Inferno Tower let’s knowing it better. It is a defensive building and it is the best of them you can own! It will burn everything around it, no matter how powerful and big your enemies are.

clash royale hands onYou can unlock this Inferno Tower from Arena number 4 names P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse. For unlocking this arena you will need 1100 trophies. To deploy this Inferno Tower you will need 5 elixir. It has a really high damage, so if you can own more, do it! But do not consume everything on them because in Clash Royale games are many other important things to do. Do not forget that you need also to attack, not only to defense
your base. So, learn how to use Giants for yourself.

Inferno Tower is used especially for powerful troops as Giants as we said, but also against Balloons (that throw bombs from the air), Golems and P.E.K.K.A. It has 11 levels of upgrading and its damage can be something between 51 and 1024 and per second something between 127 and 2560. Get more and more stronger troops by generating resources with a Clash royale hack tool. Easy and fast to use it will bring you to the top in moments!

In the next posts we will talk more about Clash Royale gameplay, buildings, troops and spell cards, but for now you can just start playing and discover it! You will be amazed!

Battle until you win! Clash royale tournaments

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The real clash – battles

Clash Royale is based on battles. Your power will depend on many elements from the game: on your cards, position in the leaders’ board and buildings.

If you want to win you need to play strategic and be patient. You need to know what you have to pay attention at.

If we talk about winning battles and gain power everything goes around experience. You gain a lot of experience if you upgrade your cards and if you collect or buy some. Experience will be also gained if you donate card to your friends and if you complete your achievements. The list can continue, but you must know that together with experience comes an increase of your King Level.

A bigger King Level you have, better you are, because King Level means strength. So, it indicates the strength of your kind and buildings (towers).

How you can increase this King Level? If you gain experience, you increase your King Level. To gain experience you have to win battles. To win battles you need a strong deck (cards) which can be aquired by opening chests, lots of as seen above. You can get chests with gems that you can get by using a clash royale hack generator directly into your browser at: (germany).

The king – almighty

King Level has also another role in Clash Royale. You need a King Tower to battle with other Clash Royale gamers. Your King Tower level depends on your King Level. So, if you have a huge King Level, your power is bigger and it is represented by King Tower.

Do not forget that in a battle your King Tower is the most important building, so defense it how much you can! Focus almost all your defense on it because if it is destroyed by your enemies you lose the battle for sure!

Also, you will need a lot of time to rebuild it!

This King Tower also helps you in the battle, excepting the fact that it shows to your enemy how much power and strength you have.

The damage became bigger with 7% if your King Level increases.

Your King Level can also attack or stay without doing nothing. If it is damaged it can’t attack. Also, if your Arena Tower is destroyed, it also can’t attack the enemies.

In conclusion, you have two options: Idle or Defense Mode. You can choose which one of it will action during the battle. We advice you to choose the action mode which ofcourse is not an official one but who can argue when you have a Clash Royale hack as your ace in the hole? Access it through: (french).

clash royale arena

Because Clash Royale developers try to do your game batter, they decided that Arena and King Tower will receive a damage reduced than other buildings.

Crown Tower – special powers

King Tower makes part from Crown Tower category. Another important and significant thing about King Tower is that it will activate the cannon when it starts to attack.

Arena Tower will also help you in the battle. First, you will have two of them placed around the King Tower, one on the left and one on the right. Also, their level depends on your King Level. This building will attack your enemy no matter if they attack on the ground or in the air.

Clash Royale is a very attractive game and it needs a lot of time and patience. For those who do not have the necessary patience some guys developed a clash royale hack to help you achieve your goals faster. You need first to learn how to play it and only after that you will win. Do not forget that if you want to be a winner you need to invest times and why not, money- to receive everything faster than other players.

An impressive and enticing card game: Hearthstone

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What is it? Collectible Card Video game

Expect to pay: Free

DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment

Company:   Blizzard Entertainment

Platform(s) – Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS, Android

Release date(s): Windows, OS X on 11th Mar 2014, iOS-16th Apr 2014, and Android-15th Dec2014

Genre(s):    Collectible Card game

This online card game has gained lot of popularity since the time it was released. The game had 40 million accounts by November 2015 and was appreciated for its pace and simplicity. The game revolves around matches played between two opponents and the player can choose the mode of the game. It was awarded as the best handheld/mobile game at the Games Award 2014 and same year December it won the Game of the Year award by GameSpot.

Game Mode, Matches and Cards

The game can be played in five different modes for a different experience every time one plays. They are: play- here the match players play with human players with same skills, solo adventures- the opponent is controlled by computer who plays against the single player, arena-this mode requires real money to play and player can make a deck of 30 cards by choosing 3 cards randomly at a time, travel brawl-players have to play with specific guidelines and it is a one on one game and lastly duels- here player can challenge other players on the friend list of


The matches are turn based and each player has to play cards in his hands by casting spells or they summon ‘minions’ to fight a battle on their behalf. Every player has to choose a character from Warcraft who will be the ‘hero’. Each hero has particular power and number of cards. At the start of their turn a player has to draw a card and if they run out of cards then their hero takes the damage on each turn.

The game has a collection of 743 cards which are unique and each card represents the character and its ability.  Additional cards in the game are gained by either winning or by purchasing the pack.

Why Hearthstone-heroes of Warcraft?

It is an extremely user friendly game and the core rules are simple to understand. Elaborate animations have made the game attractive and fun to play. One can quickly learn about the card effects as they are quite self-explanatory. The enticing part of the game is just play the minions till the time the health of the opponent is depleted. It is interesting that even a simplest of the card for e.g. fireball can provide interesting choices in some situations. One can hold onto the cards to either combine with other cards to cast a powerful spell or a creature that becomes stronger with every spell. The layers of strategy built in the game have given a depth to it.


Each card has been done in detail so as to make their character unique. The graphics, when the minions thump the ground surrounded with cheering crowd at the time of attack, has been wonderfully done. One can easily buy new pack of cards since the earnings are good in the game. The currency can also be used to enter Arena since this mode is not free. Winning matches in Arena is not easy but if you win you will end up with more gold that you had spent to enter. Overall it is an amazing trading card game which keeps one hooked for its impressive game play and simplicity.